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Hi do you know if there is any assistance for lease rates etc whilst on lockdown 

Question submitted 13/04/20 @ 06:43am
Industry: Food & Beverage
  • Hi there – I am not aware of any relief on Council Rates being paid right now, and the lease obligations depend on what your lease says plus what the approach is of your landlord. Many tenants have agreed a compromise from paying no rent for the term of lock-down to 20% or 50% of the monthly rental. Talk to your landlord. There are a few other categories like utilities where the company’s are saying ‘approach us’ and we can support you.

    If you have an ADLS lease less than 6 years old ( subsequent to the Chch earthquakes ) it’ll have a clause in there, 27.5 I think, saying that if you cannot occupy your building because of a directive from a credible entity ( the government is arguably credible although some might beg to differ ) you are entitled to rent/ lease relief , furthermore there’s usually a sentence in that clause that says if you cannot “fully” use your building you’re entitled to partial relief…..that relief should start at 100% if you cannot access your building at all, and 50% if you cannot “fully” utilize your building due to social spacing or number limits
    I hope this helps.
    There is a barrister here in Auckland specializing in this matter, if you need his name and number track me down

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