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Hi everyone! As a non profit business (health & wellness – care boxes for cancer patients) how would I go about finding influencers to help promote my product?

Question submitted 13/06/20 @ 03:32pm
Industry: Brand & Marketing
  • Hi Claire,
    Can I suggest you contact Wendy at Socialites, leading NZ’s largest group of professional influencers/KOLs and also a successful social agency. You can pitch your concept to some one who really does have all the contacts.
    Good luck! Vicky

    Hi Claire,

    Awesome what you’re doing! Such a great cause. An approach you might like to consider is reaching out to a wide range of smaller, micro-influencers on Instagram or otherwise to get your product out there. I truly think the power of smaller influencers collectively who have highly engaged audiences is underrated and can have a big impact/reach when they all come together. You could try reaching out to PepTalk NZ (Instagram) – an NZ based COVID-19 specific podcast to see whether they would feature you, or other smaller people/podcasts with 8-900 followers on Instagram. Many people will know someone who has had an experience with cancer and want to support your awesome cause.

    In terms of the messaging you use to contact them, I would recommend being genuinely you, speaking about the ‘why’ or your non-profit and what you’re trying to achieve with their help.

    In terms of finding more podcasts like PepTalk NZ, I think it’s one of those things where you need to jump on Instagram or whatever platform you are trying to use to reach people and go down a bit of a rabbit hole. Look at who is liking people’s photos, who they follow, or are following etc.

    Hopefully this helps!

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