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Hi everyone – firstly what an amazing resource! I am a commercial photographer based in Wanaka, the challenge for me is medium and large businesses tend to only work with photographers in the big cities, including bringing them down for shoots to this area. Any ideas as to how we can reach these medium – large businesses and show them that there is incredible skill and talent outside of the main cities – plus all the local knowledge of weather, location etc etc. Any advice would be very much appreciated thanks! Jodie 

Question submitted 08/05/20 @ 06:41pm
Industry: Brand & Marketing
  • Get a portfolio online (if you don’t have one already); partner up with photographers to form a collective that represents you all; even partner with the same photographers from the main cities you mention. Go directly to the agencies who hire photographers with a clever campaign showcasing your skills. Get on the phone. Basically, people hire people they know, and you need to get yourself known.

    I would suggest starting or focusing on your social media profile, especially at this time when you cant do paying jobs. Share your most inspiring work to create a following. Research groups on Facebook. Local businesses will belong to local groups as well as industry groups. Larger organisations will look to local resources to find local talent, so your profile is everything. Add valuable content to these groups rather than a sales pitch. Best of luck

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