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Hi everyone,I am thinking of establishing a business in NZ.  I operate in the Crypto currency space and I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a bank could offer my company (once set up) corporate banking.

Question submitted 25/05/20 @ 09:28pm
Industry: Start-ups
  • Hi there,

    Interesting space you are working in. You may have thought through some of these questions already but firstly you need to ensure you have a good understanding of the following:
    1. who you target customer is
    2. what problem you are solving for them
    3. what value you can offer them compared to alternatives

    Are you looking for a bank to partner with? Or a bank that you can run your companies finances through? Most Kiwi banks will offer this provided you are incorporated and have your business number etc.

    Hey Gman, I do not believe any of the banks are prepared to offer banking for crypto – at least a few months ago, I knew another entrepreneur who could not get a bank to work with them. A

    Hi… good on you Gman… it’s still such a new space in NZ. Did you try DMing Willy Woo on Twitter @woonomic … he’s a super smart “crypto kiwi” who might have some insights… very best of luck, Suse

    Hi Gman

    I have one friend who is running a crypto business and the only bank in NZ prepared to work with the company was KiwiBank so I suggest you try there first.



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