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Hi everyoneI have been establishing a business since February and while I understand patience is the key here, I’m hoping you might be able to shine some light for me;1) I have been trying to become “Google Verified” but both verification postcards have failed to arrive. Without it my Google Business account is limited to a few functions and I think it will also affect my SEO. Apparently you can request verification by phone or email but when I walk through the steps I only get postcard as an option. Does anyone know how I can become verified or if nothing else, contact Google by phone or email? 2) I have a small but growing social media presence. Those that follow me and read my posts appear to like what I have to say but so far, Followers are not purchasing. Is there any advice for how to get more sales conversions? You can find me on Facebook and Instagram @thenightshiftnz.3) I have been in touch with some advertisers but it is so expensive and I don’t really have enough capital to invest so much into advertising yet. That said, I feel like its the only way to get my brand “out there”. Is there a way to help decide where/when/how to advertise to ensure biggest bang for your money?4) Facebook has recently updated how it shows business pages and they now have a newsfeed of their own. In the process it seems my customers are no longer able to post new reviews (although you can still see the older ones). I have checked all the settings I can find but can’t figure out how to allow reviews again. Does anyone know what I need to do?Thanks everyone 

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    Hi There!

    Thanks so much for your question!

    1) I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with Google. I have found this number here 099508700 which is a google support number in New Zealand which you could potentially try! Here is the link for it https://support.google.com/?hl=en

    2) I did a search for your Instagram/Facebook and didn’t seem to find @thenightshiftnz.3 but found @thenightshiftnz? Not sure if this is you. Anyway, in terms of Facebook/Instagram advertising, there is a lot to identify to find the perfect audience to advertise to. There is also a lot of thinking to be done in terms of the images shown and what’s going to draw someone in to want to purchase your product or service. My recommendation would be to think about what your offer is, will it draw someone in, if not then what could you change. When it comes to the images, use something that is going to grab someone’s attention when scrolling and make them what to read about your offer.

    Some ideas about timing are, look at when your account gets the most traffic throughout the week and the time when people mostly interact with your account. This can be done by having your Instagram account on a business profile.

    Hopefully, some of this helps. I specialise and work on social media and advertising via Facebook and Instagram so if you need any further help or have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out at

    Have a lovely day!


    With regard to Google my Business, I suggest you ask for a new postcard to be sent.
    First check Google Maps that your address there is IDENTICAL to the address on Google My Business, then request the card again.


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