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Hi.  Firstly, thank you for being here for me to ask questions.I am a tiny rural dairy (no alcohol), just over one year into my first business,  which is registered with a Full Food Control Plan – I can make and sell ‘ready to eat meals and snacks’.  This is the same licence as a restaurant, cafe or take away and not the norm dairy that ‘heat pies and make sandwiches’.  My previous back ground is as a Chef and Chef Tutor so have a very robust hygiene control system in place.As a dairy I was deemed essential, but reduced the 12 hours operation per day down to 6 hours (as I stood down my one staff) and need to line up at the supermarket with everyone else to stock my grocery shelves.  I have a cold display, pie warmer and a very strict ‘one in one out’ policy.  Prior to L4 I was reheating artisan pies made locally, making sandwiches, salads and hot foods like Spag Bolognaise, Fish and chips etc.  Not very exciting but popular with my locals.  1) If we go into L3 what can I make myself? 2) can my registered pie maker make my pies and deliver? 

Question submitted 17/04/20 @ 02:07pm
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  • Good to hear your managing the change and staying open. My understanding is yes you will be able to make your own food inline with current food safety standards however contact or refer to your local council food safety guidelines that should be updated now to reflect Covid19. Your registered pie supplier should be able to deliver and again they will be clear on the contactless process for deliveries. If they are not able due to their own business challenges… I am sure there will be pie suppliers lining up to service you. Maybe even opportunity to support one of your local cafes who will be finding trade tough as they can only do takeaway food and coffee due to the level 3 conditions (through phone/online orders, delivery, pick-up and drive-through) they maybe keen to make and deliver to you. Best of luck!

    Hi, if you are looking at a way to do contactless deliveries or curbside deliveries, or in store pick up, you can do this here: https://mobi2go.com/fast-tracked-digital-ordering. We are a NZ business, helping people get online quickly

    Well done on continuing to support the community by remaining open. You guys are central hub for many in smaller communities. Two comments – be prepared when folks are allowed out as most of us will be looking for treat food!! Being a chef yourself are you able to do some online content for the local community to give them ideas on what else they could be cooking while in lock down? Linked recipes back to products you stock and this added value service could be a win for you now and long term.

    Morena. For a fast, easy & zero commission online ordering system, checkout https://onlinerestaurant.co.nz

    These guys are a NZ business that are super committed to helping NZ restaurants and cafes get online. You can be online in less than a day. They help you with everything. Starting at $60+GST per month, there are no commissions unlike other providers like UberEats & Mobi2Go.

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