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Hi guys , Just been served PLA notice yesterday land lord seeking to cancel the lease what happens next once the lease is cancelled ? 

Question submitted 05/09/20 @ 06:46am
Industry: Legal
  • Morena – sorry about that, so during covid-19 (until end of June) they have a provision that the Landlord could not issue a breach and cancellation notice until you had not paid your rent for 60 days, and also that the landlord’s are not permitted to increase the rent (I think that period was to end September, 2020). This first protection period is I understand now over – presumably the landlord is saying that your rent is at least 10 working days overdue? Can you pay it? Once the landlord has served the notice of intention to cancel, you are allowed at least 10 working days to pay the rent that is overdue. If you do not pay it, then they can issue cancellation and ask you to move out – and the exact nature of these terms will be determined by your Tenancy or Lease Agreement – depending on whether it is a commercial lease or domestic tenancy, the latter of which will have more protections with the Tenancy Tribunal. Can you find your lease and check those terms out? aNDY

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