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Hi guys, We’re in the process of developing a cultural and science based breathing initiative focusing on two key areas, health and wellness in our Pacific and Māori communities and human performance in corporate and high performance sports. We have gone from a conceptual phase to MVP fairly rapidly with little to no structure or planning/resources, purely relying on our networks and current rolls and hard graft during nights and weekends. We are now looking for funding to allow us to put structure in place and move the business out of the conceptual/mvp no mans land and work with the groups we have expressions of interest with. How would you best advise going forward when we have jumped from step 1 to step 12 and now have interested parties looking for pilot programs?

Question submitted 29/07/20 @ 08:55pm
Industry: Start-ups
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    Kia Ora. This is really good to see. My question – can you get to ‘revenue’ without having to put structure in place? I would challenge you to stay in the focus of mvp and your market and your early customers and live in the chaos until you know what is normal and what is something akin to ‘product market fit’ – then you can organise and scale from that point because you know you have a market – you know you have a solution for a real problem – my definition of product market fit – is developing a service or product that meets a real need and you can’t keep up with the demand – then you have the confidence to build the infrastructure, resources and team – in the early days, important to focus on your demand generation, not your organisation in my view.

    On your specific question around interested parties – can you put a price to them to go to pilot?


    I just read this blog this morning, really good advice and tips in it – https://medium.com/swlh/13-insights-from-y-combinator-that-every-founder-needs-to-know-ffc4be002e4c

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