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Hi, how can I turn my website into sales and create a demand for my services?I’ve had the site inspirebelief.com for aeons and it’s just been stagnant.  I have a large number of skills and experience people are searching out for and as of yet, I haven’t been able to connect with my market.  I’m a solution solver, just not in this area of expertise. I do live up a mountain on my own running a farm and my kids in tow, a bit isolated and caring for a special needs child, so travel can be challenging but I can connect online :) Metal wellness is my strength,  I’m able to create programmes,  inspire people,  show people a different way of thinking, and create change.  I’d like to get into industries like farming that have a need for mental health – I have something different to offer.  I’m ready to help and do my thing I’m good at,  I need help to be able to do that.Kaz Pollard inspire belief 

Question submitted 23/03/21 @ 05:21am
Industry: Start-ups
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