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Hi How do I get my customers to switch to online and even more importantly how do I get my shop online to more people. I have so many people who say they love my shop but I need them to buy now not just love us 

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    Morena. That must be the quote of the week ‘ I need them to buy us not just love us’. So true!

    I am not sure what kind of products you are selling online, and I think it is worth pausing and considering the state of online penetration of the category you are working in. Many categories have been gradually increasing the proportion of spend online over the last 10 years, and some have been slower for many reasons; products that customers like to try before they buy, target market doesn’t shop online very much, expense of shipping, etc. However all categories have had a major step change with Covid driving changes in habits, and groups of consumers such as over 60, who had a lower level of shopping online have suddenly changed their habits.

    This opens up lots of opportunities for you.

    The main way to get consumers to shop online is to tell them to – marketing and advertising.
    So here is a bit of list of options;
    – Do you have a database of current customers? if so, start sending them offers and incentives to shop, maybe discounts if you spend over $x or spend $x now and get a voucher for your next spend. But also consider offering what is suitable for occasions and seasons. Given them a reason to come back to you
    – If your product is suitable have social media pages, and post interesting content regularly to entice current customers and new customers back to you. Working out how to leverage social media is a while area of exploration in itself and her is a taster of the kind of material that is available online to guide you
    – Paid advertising – never been a better time to do some digital paid advertising – lots of eyes on screens and media are keen more advertisers. This would be a bigger investment, but really enable you to grow your total audience
    – if you are putting this level of effort in you also want to make sure that your website and UX are optomised…

    Maybe consider some of these ideas and then come back to Manaaki with some more specific questions or areas we can help.
    Good luck!


    Hi there, building on Vicky’s thought on pausing and asking a few key questions, as a coach I always like to understand what are the blocks getting in the way?

    Are you able to describe the key barriers in getting people to purchase online? If you were able to describe your customer what would it be so you know who to target more of? Of those who I would be curious to know the answers to the questions :
    1. For those who have bought, what do they love about your shop?
    2. For those who haven’t, what is stopping them from buying/the barriers?
    3. If there is one thing you could do differently to increases the chances of buying online what would it be?

    If you have an existing database perhaps an e-mail with a few questions to give you enough information would be helpful? In the check out process I would also add space for question so you get constant feedback i.e. what’s something we could do to make the shopping experience better?

    In the book the Brain Audit by Sean D’Souza talks about the steps someone needs to go through to purchase something and I wonder whether your website provides information to support this. The steps are
    1. Identify the problem you are trying to solve
    2. Present your solution
    3. Be able to articulate objections and potential solutions
    4. Testimonials that support the above (product reviews are good here)
    5. Risk Reversal, minimise the blocks (like a money back guarantee, or refund policy, or a 24 hour helpline)
    6. Reinforce your uniqueness

    A set of questions that could give you content for the above could be asking the following questions of those who have purchased from your store
    a) What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from buying online?
    b) What did you find as a result of buying online?
    c) What feature did you like most about the online store?
    d) What would be three other benefits of our products/buying online?
    e) Would you recommend this product? If so why?
    f) Is there anything else you would like to add?

    Good luck.


    Kia Ora – great reaching out, and some great advice from Vicky and Jason. A few quick additional ideas to get some immediate exposure could be to get yourself in front of a number of large audiences. Many involve no cost.

    Facebook Groups
    1. Support Local – facebook.com/groups/SupportLocalNZ – Over 100k users
    2. NZ Made Products – facebook.com/groups/519618962054849 – Over 450k users

    Websites where you can list
    3. SOS Business – sosbusiness.nz – People can buy vouchers from your store

    If you let us know more about your store and what you sell, we may be able to offer other options too.

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