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Hi, I am a Property Improvement Limited Company. I am doing the physical work and jobs and currently using an app for invoicing. I am in my first year of business but the business obligations are starting to dawn on me as I realise that it’s quite a complicated procedure I’m hoping just at first to setup and sync all the areas of the company, bank, invoices, receipts and general book keeping and software and apps.

Question submitted 04/09/20 @ 11:22am
Industry: Funding & Finance
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    Awesome – and challenging right, getting the various apps to sync. My experience in this area is that you can sync and ‘api’ around your accounting software with the bank, but then further syncing really does depend on the apps you are using and whether they are setup to ‘link’ back to your accounting system. So what I am saying is that often you start with the accounting system and then move from that base. I know at times it would be great if it went the other way, and I would love to hear about situations like that but typically I am not aware of those clusters of apps.

    I figure you will be able to ‘map and sync’ a part of the processes that you do, and then you will need to have work-arounds and manual processes in other parts of the system.

    When I worked at Icehouse what we found was a bunch of pretty cool apps that worked on the Xero ecosystem that helped us automate.


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