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Hi, I am looking for advice on systems, we are currently using a very old accountancy system that is quite bespoke for our business but it is now very limiting. We process, package and manufacture so build stock and need a really good inventory system. Xero would be great for our business but its the inventory side I am worried about we would need a great inventory system that works with Xero? I have had varying advice that it is always best to have just one system, can anyone recommend a great accountancy system that is in the modern world and is easy to get reports and has an good inventory system and doesn’t cost the world? Also one that will link easily to a website?  Thanks

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  • Have you read this:


    It also includes a link to Xero’s list of integrated Inventory solutions.

    Hopefully someone with experience in using these packages can give you an insight to which are the best in relation to your business.

    It’s only useful having one system if it is right for your business. Why compromise functionality when companies have good integration between their solutions and accounting systems like Xero.

    It really depends on your needs but I have found that you get a far better result using Xero integrated with an inventory management system. All in one systems that I have looked at are either extremely expensive to implement and run or lack the functionality that most businesses use. A lot of international solutions don’t work with the services we use in NZ like bank feeds and courier connections so always check those integrations out before diving in.

    As a starting point I would be looking at Xero & https://www.unleashedsoftware.com/ or https://www.cin7.com/ (both kiwi companies).

    Hi There

    I’d echo the recommendation from Damien. It’s very challenging to get an all in one accounting, inventory management, BOM system at an SME level. The integrations between platforms these days make it very cost-effective and efficient to adopt the right couple of SaaS solutions for your company.

    A couple of businesses I’m involved with use Xero for accounting and Cin7 for inventory management, I’d be happy to jump on a call with you to discuss my experiences as our companies have been through the discovery process you’re currently on. Hopefully, I can help you shortcut it.




    I would have to agree with the others on this post. If you use software that has integration capabilites then you can potentially get the best of both worlds. Easy to use accounting (I am a fan of Xero) with more specialised inventory management.

    We currently advise SMEs on the most relevant software for their business so would be more than happy to have a chat if you would like.


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