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Hi, I am looking into being stocked in supermarkets overseas e.g. Aldi and Costco and going through the submission process and not understanding the Jargon. How can I learn more about this? Who can I speak to? These are overseas stores so it needs to be someone who has been through the process. Thank you 

Question submitted 25/08/20 @ 11:53am
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  • A couple questions. ARE you ranged in NZ stores now? Having credibility in your home market is key. Also, have you done your cost analysis to insure you can actually meet their margin expectations? A

    Hi @Andyadmin
    Although NZ is not my target audience or market yes we have validated here. Well, we would love to do the cost analysis hence asking for understanding the jargon so we are doing the cost analysis correctly. As I said we are looking into it.

    Hey Fiona – I would touch base with Katherine Rich of NZ Food and Grocery Council to see if she can find out for you ‘who has sold into Costco/Aldi’ and who would be prepared to talk to you. Unless you know already which NZ firms are already in the system. The other option is you ask NZTE to help you connect into these firms. If you want to follow-up with me – email Andy at @manaaki.io">andy.hamilton@manaaki.io with a self explanatory email and I can do intro’s to Katherine and NZTE – in that email please give some background about you and your products. Andy

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