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Hi i am wondering who can help me, im wanting to imprpve my marketing and i get hoha at talking to Americans or Aussie agencies who dont understand my market so im putting it out there to see if you guys have a suggestion on who we could use to look at improving our ROAS.Thanks :)

Question submitted 14/07/20 @ 02:42pm
Industry: Brand & Marketing
  • Can you provide a little more info as to the market you are in eg B2B, B2C, Industry, target markets etc?

    Hey there – what does ROAS mean? Sorry for being slow on this. There are lots of epic agencies/teams in NZ including lots of contractors and freelancers – so if we get more info we can help link you up. A

    Happy to help here as well – please provide some more context about the business and what you’re trying to achieve.


    If we are talking Google Ads and/or Programmatic ads, we are happy to have a look and see if things are set up well and if we think we can improve your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend – Andy). There would be no charge to have a look.

    If you are looking for more of a social media specialist it would be worth speaking with Nick at Likeable nick@likeablelab.com – their speciality is ROAS focussed social media.

    We ar Auckland based.


    Richard richard@pureseo.co.nz

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