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 hi, I believe I was part of your advertising on Facebook?? and I see the ads reached lots of people! yet it dident generate a single booking, What can I do to turn clicks into dollars?Wiamoana Garden Bed and Breakfast Whangarei     whangareibedandbreakfast.co.nz 

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    Kia ora Waimoana Garden Bed & Breakfast,

    That’s great that the Manaaki FB post reached lots of people, but the question is how many of these people might’ve been looking for accommodation in Whangarei(?) It comes back to finding channels for your marketing where prospective customers may be present (in volume). While the Manaaki FB post might’ve been great at building awareness for your B&B it’s probably not a marketing channel that’s a “go to” for travel booking.

    So, how do you normally advertise? When I look for accommodation I tend to either Google Search (e.g. “Whangarei Bed and Breakfast”) or go to a trusted intermediary portal/OTAs, e.g. Expedia or Booking or AA.co.nz for hotels/motels, Bookabach, Airbnb for holiday homes… You may resent the fees these OTAs charge but the reality is that for driving qualified leads they’re hard to beat. Google Search Ads are worth it but only if you know you can convert visits to bookings on your own website (which looks to be good) – and track effectiveness of this channel.

    Also, be sure to build up your own following of happy punters who’ve stayed with you. You can email these folks periodically (assuming you’ve asked and been granted their permission) – and start developing a social following. One thing about re-marketing to guests: Because you are a single accommodation provider in a specific location you’re only relevant when that guest comes back to that location (maybe once every 1-5 years?). Contrast this with the OTAs that have broad geo relevance and can thus target travellers 3-5 times per year.

    Timing is important. Target repeat visitors. during obvious “planning phases” for holiday periods. Create a calendar of these and determine how your own marketing efforts tie into them.

    Last minute deals are also a good demand driver – especially in a more cost sensitive market dominated by domestic travel.

    I hope this helps!

    Kia kaha!



    It is important to understand what happened to the visitors when they got to your website.

    Have you got Google Analytics installed and have you got conversion / goal tracking enabled?

    Did any of the visitors actually contact you? Did you have a method of collecting potential visitors data? (in order that you can add them to your email marketing database)

    You could try retargeting (when you show ads to people that have already visted the website) with a specific offer. You could try Google Ads targeting people looking in your locality.

    Without delving too deep it is really difficult to know what the specific problem is (pricing, availability, website problems etc).



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