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Hi I have a cleaning franchise. I have been doing in for 5 years with out any social media presence. Last year I decided to setup a Facebook page to increase my business presence as we took a bit of a knock due to Covid.Any ideas on our tp grow my page and what content I could post? I don’t think my audience wants to see me vacuuming, cleaning etc everyday?Thank you for this awesome platform 

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    Hi Gary,

    A few content ideas of the top of my head:

    Testimonials and review from happy clients; video interviews with clients 9must be snappy); tips on the local area – great butcher, cafe, etc to show your audience you are in their suburb; staff – new staff, birthdays, after work celebrations, staff profiles – to show your clients who will be cleaning their home; cleaning tips e.g. how to get into hard to reach places, clean a lounge suite, do something special; video from staff on why they love their jobs or their number one cleaning tip; surprise your first or best client with a big thank you gift and ask someone to film it; celebrate milestones and post to SM; do a great refer a friend offer.

    Tips to grow – do the Facebook blueprint course which is a good way to upskill and then run some targeted ads with all of the above content in your local area for your exact demographic.

    I hope some of that helps!




    Great advice from Nick.

    The only other thing I’d advise is to show a bit of your personality in your content, people want to connect with people, if they like and relate to you on a personal level they’re more likely to engage.

    One last thing, make sure you engage and don’t just make the content a one way street. Try to respond to every comment… IF YOU BUILD RELATIONSHIP YOU’LL BUILD COMMUNITY and eventually that leads to more customers.


    Thank you very much Nick that is alot to digest and work off.

    I will look at getting started on some of those topics.

    Would posting new clients be a good idea to (I would seek their approval first) or is this not a good idea as competitors see it?

    Going to look at getting information on the Facebook blueprint course.

    Would you see the best place for me to present is on Facebook and LinkedIn as this would be where my audience would be spending their time due to my main target audience being commercial?

    Kind Regards,


    Thanks Patrick.

    Thank you I will look at ways to show my personality in my content.

    Love the idea of building a community thank you I will make sure to engage with my audience.

    Thank you

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