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Hi, I have an app I have been working on that I believe could help small NZ businesses retain and increase their customer base in the current covid 19 climate. However I need some help to finish it and launch it online. I don’t have the finances needed to pay to put it online or for the monetary transaction company I would need to set it up. I would also like to obtain some input from potential companies to see if they think my app would be useful to them and what they might need in addition to what I already have set up. My aim is to provide an app to small businesses that cannot afford to have individual apps made for their company. It would also be simple to use and wouldn’t require any other device than their mobile phone. It would have the advantage of no cost to the business if customers did not use the app so they would not lose any money by trying out the app. Any advice on where to go to from here would be much appreciated. Thanks Joe.

Question submitted 16/04/20 @ 10:40am
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  • Hi Joe – Movac tends to do expansion investing whereas it looks like this is very much pre-revenue. Suggest you look at Flux Accelerator at the Icehouse.

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    Hi Joe

    The best thing you can do is approach the businesses you are building it for. If what you have created is 80% of the way there and you are clear about what needs to happen to finish it, at least one of them might want to throw in a few bucks (and some time and effort) to help you finish it. But the first step is to reach out to the 20 or so businesses that you have identified as your first likely customers.

    I hope this helps.


    Hi Joe,

    Happy to pick up the conversation. What you are considering sounds like a platform. Not a cheap or quick solution to build but there might be something in market already that you can leverage.

    Our business has experience in this space if you want to share your thinking. Drop me some detail at bruce@puttiapps.com.

    Have a look at http://www.appranet.com as well for reference.


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