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Hi I have been made redundant and am starting up my own business.   I am not eligible for the Small Business Load as my business was not established prior to April 1 2020.  Is anyone aware of any other types of business loans to support start ups at this time? 

Question submitted 26/05/20 @ 04:52pm
Industry: Start-ups
  • HI there – I am not aware of any other grants for startups sorry. Andy

    Hi there – thinking your best option might be to take the new 12 week redundancy benefit to give yourself some breathing space to get your new business up and running? Just a thought.
    Good luck. Debra

    Hi There, as far as I am aware there is no specific COVID grants so you would have to apply as a new start-up to a lender.

    Although challenging in the current environment not impossible. Personally I advise you seek out some advice on your target market and a simple cashflow so you can understand what revenue you need to generate to be financially viable.

    There is lots of support in other ways with your local economic development agencies such at AtEED and ChristchurchNZ. Also it could be worth looking up Ministry of Awesome (MOA) they have great resources for start-ups.

    If you want some more specific advise then feel free to flick me an email at dave@vegalend.co.nz

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