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Hi, I have launched Enspire to help Kiwis, communities and charities during the lockdown.This request covers multiple industries you have listed so please forward it on to anyone who can help.Enspire allows you to request a personalised virtual shoutout from your favourite personality, celebrity or mentor. You will be able to dedicate shoutouts to your whanau, friends and colleagues and keep our morale high during and after this lockdown.The core principle of Enspire is to give back to our community. Every shoutout request will help a New Zealand registered charity.I need 30 personalities on the site by the start of next week so I can open Enspire to users and start giving back to our communities.I can only do this with outside help. If any of you have connections in areas such as entertainment, sport, business, fashion, lifestyle, etc please get in contact with me. I am looking for talent in entertainment, sport, business, fashion, lifestyle, social media etc. We are targeting personalities who have a loyal following such as musicians, comedians, actors, social media influencers, athletes (rugby, netball players, etc.), I am counting on all the Kiwi personalities to give back during this hard time, put similes on our neighbours and help charities.Can you imagine the effect Enspire could have by putting a smile on the faces of mums, dads and kids that are not able to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary or any other milestone during this lockdown?  Enspire animation overview enspire.appcontact me at sanjay@enspire.app or 0272006265Please like this linkedin post linkedin.com once I get 2000 likes across all the Enspire related posts I will cook my signature curry for Auckland City Mission.ThanksSanjay Reddy

Question submitted 04/04/20 @ 07:01am
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    Hey Sanjay – been thinking about this, ideas are ideas until others ‘take them on’ believe in them and make them real – what you require is validation that people believe in this – you know this, it either starts with people who want the shout-outs ie customers who will pay or it starts with the identities – probably my guidance would be to start with the identities who can help you make this look ‘real’ and something, then when you have enough identities up there you can start testing whether people will actually pay for this – I also think the talent scouts, or agencies might think about this as a partnership to get some business going at this time – think about someone like The Social Club – they have a bunch of influencers who get paid to do spots, socials, campaigns etc – talk to them to see if you can partner to get more influencers on board? Go well. Andy


    As Andy says, ideas are ideas until others take them on. To help make this real, can you start gradually through instagram and facebook to start generating some interest? You can then use these forums to spread the word, particularly for those you are targeting for shout outs. There are so many people looking for content across TV, newspapers, etc. You can also start a website easily and cheaply using tools such as SquareSpace. Once you have your facebook and instagram page and linkedin and website, you can use this to send to TV and reporters who are active in your space. Easy to find the names of those involved for you to reach out to them. Find the social influencers who have large followings that may be aligned to your cause. You’ll need to know on a lot of doors, and if you do, you are bound to get enough starting interest. Then, just keep pounding the pavement, adding one brick at a time. Rome wasn’t built overnight so start small and watch it grow. Belief and persistence will be key. Once you have a few of these up and running, let us know the URLs and we can give it a plug! Good luck, great idea!

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