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Hi. I launched my new business a couple of months ago. It’s sustainable sun protection for serious play. UPF 50+ swimwear for women who want the freedom to play outside without compromise – without compromising on sun protection or how they look.I am building up my social and have had some good press. I have tried facebook ads without any success and was looking for some help in getting that nailed, so I can open up my audience. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be amazing thanks. 

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    Hi, it’s a great product idea so congratulations on getting it off ground. On facebook / instagram ads, the key iteration would be around building the right audience using appropriate interests and radius/location based targetting. It’s a bit of trial and error before you start getting the right metrics. Curious to know on how you built that audience bucket out and to see if there could be some tweaking needed there. Cheers


    Hi there, just to add one other resource. There’s an online e-learning platform called Facebook Blueprint, which is free online courses to teach you the basics of Facebook ads. It won’t get into extreme detail but it’s a good starting point to help direct your strategy.

    Here is a link = https://www.facebook.com/business/learn


    Starting with no audience when using Facebook ads can be tricky as it’s very easy to waste budget quickly targeting the wrong people. If you have not already, create a customer profile to use as your inspiration when building the targeting settings for your audience.
    If you’re selling to a ‘cold’ audience who have never heard of your product before, consider the ad messaging you are using. You might need to educate people about your brand before you can sell to them. Then once people have engaged you can send them remarketing ads.
    It’s also important to understand what you are willing to spend per conversion. A lot of o people say that Facebook ads do not work when they have not been realistic which how much they need to or are willing to spend to generate the conversion.

    Hope this helps 😊


    I would make a different suggestion.

    My diagnosis (along with David’s above) is that you do not yet have an audience who know your brand and product.

    And so I’d suggest doing joint ventures with brands who already sell to your profile target customer. If you can promote their brand to your audience and they do the same – you both benefit.

    So who should you target?
    Any sport who do masters (veteran) events – Netball, Tennis, Rowing, Canoe, Cross Country, Walking groups.
    What about athletic clothing brands (preferably NZ based)? Or Rose and Thorne lingerie? Or Manuka Bioscience and Snowberry whose customers are already buying skincare?

    Your partnership could work well by running a free to enter competition – You get entrants’ email addresses and can follow up with a discount coupon encouraging their first purchase.

    Have a one – pager ready describing your product and the benefits. And some sample sized products ready to share with the brand marketer which they can test or give away to customers for testing.

    Best wishes
    Rebecca Caroe


    Hi There

    It looks like a great product and a nice looking website.

    It would be worth checking out this article and the video of the online class which covers off a number of relevant topics for growing sales online. To succeed online will take a combination of factors:

    A couple of other points:
    – If you search Google for SPF50 swimwear you’ll see others are doing Google Shopping ads which would be worth a look. The fact that you have nice designs will help with the visual nature of the Google Shopping ads.
    – Explore additional payment options to PayPal. We saw higher basket dropout with PayPal vs Stripe or Windcave due to the extra confusion around whether you need a PayPal account
    – Definitely set up buy now pay later services such as Laybuy and Afterpay. Amongst our client base these services have worked super well in the fashion / clothing categories. The payment providers’ marketplaces are a great source of traffic too as people explore where else they can spend their approved credit.

    I hope that helps.


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