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Hi I need some mentoring on how to find my market. I have “new” product that has been developed to sell on an e-commerce platform. I’ve started Facebook Instagram advertising using business manager . I understand it’s a long process. I feel I need guidance and direction on how to approach perhaps influencers or others who might endorse the product . 

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    Hi There!

    Thanks for your question! If you’re interested I would definitely be able to offer some help. I sell products online on the eCommerce platform Shopify. I also run the social media side along with advertising through Facebook and Instagram. I have worked with/have influencer contacts who have up to 10 million + followers.

    Would be great to get some background on what product you have developed that your wanting to sell as well as your goals with this business in the marketing, branding, social media and advertising side of things.

    If you want to reach out feel free to message me at annabellelindberg30@gmail.com and would love to be able to help 🙂


    Hi There

    It would be great to see what your product is so we can give some more specific recommendations as it really does vary by industry.

    One approach to influencers I’ve seen is Zeenya Clothing who have brand ambassadors: https://www.zeenyaclothing.com/page/ambassadors/. They’re not necessarily world famous but are influential within their specific communities. Zeenya also have been very intentional in creating a community with a private facebook group who get the inside word on new releases.

    It can be a slow path but if you build a loyal following it is golden when the world turns upside down with Covid.

    We talk about the community building aspects in the blog and video here which covers off the simple essentials we’ve seen that are common themes across our more successful ecommerce clients: https://www.rocketspark.com/blog/post/254/Ecommerce-secret-saucethe-9-simple-essentials-of-ecommerce-success/

    I’d definitely check out advertising via Google Shopping and buy now pay later services such as Laybuy and Afterpay as great tools for increasing online sales.

    Kind regards,



    It sounds like you are at the stage where you are validating if your new product and offer will sell to your target market.

    The first question you need to answer is “Who is your target market?

    The second question you need to answer is “Where does your market hang out online?”.

    Are they searching in Google for solutions to the problem your product solves?

    Can you reach them via Facebook, YouTube or influencers?

    The third question you need to answer is “How aware is your market of the problem that your product solves”.

    If they are highly aware of the problem you can lead them directly to a product page with a product demonstration and offer.

    If they need more information in order to buy then you may need to create pages that educate them about the problem the product solves, and then follow up with your product page offer.

    With the answer to all of these questions, you will then be able to identify if an influencer would help and also what kind of influencer is going to enhance your brand or product with your and target market.

    Once you have done that it is then a matter of trying to contact an influencer. This is usually done through a specialist agency representing the Influencer. You can also use a tool like https://izea.com/.

    Influencers are only one part of the puzzle and I would encourage you to make sure you answer the above questions thoroughly and create pages that educate them about the problem the product solves, and then follow up with your product page offer as a priority.

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