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Hi – I run a dance studio – Red Studio – and talent agency 3WJ+boy in Auckland. I run both businesses from a values base (Gratitude, Passion, Integrity, Commitment and Kindness) with the mission to provide a safe space for dancers to explore their dance journey, and the Agency began as a way to standardise pay rates, working standards and to support our amazing NZ dance talent – it’s mission is to be the #1 Talent Agency in Australasia that values people for their skills, diversity, gender, ethnicity and celebrating the way they look – not ask them to be anything else. We have the best dancers in NZ and some of those are the best in the World. My Creative Director is Kiel Tutin – choreographs for JLo, BlackPink ….. so many people! My background is in sports management, advertising, entertainment – I used to work for the basketball team Dillon Boucher played for at the start of his career. My first question is about branding and marketing for Red (tho I would love help with the Agency too). There are people who market in the Dance industry with an American approach to our NZ market, they are aggressive and money oriented – which is fine. There are others who brand off their successes – competitively and globally etc. Basically anyone can open a dance studio (there is no governing body) and in the area my studio is in there are 19 dance schools. I have local, regional, national and global representation….. recently being pursued through social media by World of Dance America to put forward a Video Submission for one of their projects. Unfortunately we were in Level 3 lockdown so I couldn’t follow that through.I would however like some advice on social media and marketing presence that aligns with the values of my brand ……in this climate. I believe that how we behave at times like this is really important to whether or not people will trust us in the future but I’m not sure how to present that on social media and align that throughout all platforms – Facebook to the parents, Insta to the kids, Google business, our website….. I think we have the right idea but it doesn’t feel cohesive and to be honest I’m hiring younger people to work with the social media but it isn’t hitting the mark just yet. They need clearer direction from me : ) Sorry for all the words – not sure if it’s helpful or not! By the way – thank you so much for offering this space. I followed the social media all through both lockdowns and found the IGTV’s and interviews so helpful to hear about other industries and people’s dreams. Thanks so much for your time : ) Kiri 

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    Kia ora Kiri

    Wow what an amazing thing you have going on! In my opinion the future belongs to entrepreneurs like you, who unapologetically lean into their values.

    I would say it is a matter of articulating that story and weaving it through everything. Have you read Michelle Obama’s book Becoming? She talks about how your story is one thing you truly own. And I fully agree. Even if you had no budget, you have your story and human beings love story.

    I would start there. Tell it in the most honest, raw, viceral way. Just like an epic choreography…make it emotional. Then centre your content calendar around those beautiful values. How can you bring each of them to life?

    That’s cool that there are other schools out there being agressive. I say leave them be. When they zig, you zag. 🙂
    (Also read the book Zag!)

    In my work I prefer to work on conscious marketing, where you build something so inherently good (values led), and attuned to what your target market want that they seek you out and want to join your tribe. The bonus is less $ required for paid advertising.

    You are half way there. I would be happy to chat through some ideas with you and send you some worksheets etc.

    Keep being awesome.
    Ngā mihi

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