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Hi I run a service based company that carries out specific industry repairs and maintenance for customers getting plenty of referals from the manufacturer of the equipment.I have been meaning for years to load the customers into a data base system where i could send out automated email reminders for the annual service.Does anyone have any suggestions for this.

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  • Hi Scott – there are a variety of email marketing programs ranging from the very simple (e.g. Mail Chimp) to the more complex (including more sophisticated CRM capabilities). It sounds like you’re probably in need of something on the simpler end of the scale, so you might want to start with the free trial of MailChimp (or here are some alternatives to consider too: https://thedigitalmerchant.com/crm/email-marketing/top-12-best-mailchimp-alternatives/).

    Hubspot is a great resource too, for a CRM system that integrates with more sales and marketing touchpoints outside of just email. Here’s their website: https://www.hubspot.com/

    Hi Scott – I agree with Nagaja and Kirsty. Our small business uses Hubspot and it’s easy to use and there are tonnes of features you can use if you need them.

    Hi Scott,

    There are lots of different email options out there, most which are free up to 1000 subscribers. I have used MailChimp and it’s a very popular option, but it can get expensive as your numbers grow. I am looking at changing to Active Campaign and Klavio is another popular option, as is Hubspot as mentioned above. Jump on and check out what each provider offers and see which is best aligned for what you need right now.

    Scott _ i have used many of these – they are all good – Pipedrive is good, check out this link which details a few of the free CRM tools https://zapier.com/blog/best-free-crm/

    Hi Scott,
    Can I also suggest, that if this is a task that has been on your to do list (and probably because you dont feel skilled enough), enlist the help of someone who needs a task, The small investment would get it done – finally, its really important for your business to grow. If the database doesn’t exist, they can do the manual work of putting it together, set up Mailchimp, templates, design. I am thinking these are not your skill sets and once you’ve sent the first email you have turned the corner. They might even have the ongoing task of the weekly/monthly comms. In my experience easier said than done. It gets put the back burner again.
    But with that database, you can then look at other marketing initiatives depending where your audience sits – but programmatic display advertising and social allow for like for like targeting via list uploads.

    You could also look at Mailchimp.com and the automation it offers. You can easily create a database of your customers including custom fields for specific service dates, then it automates the sending of a specific emails when the service date/s are reached.

    I have set this up previously for an airconditioning maintenance company that also had yearly maintenance services, Mailchimp worked really well. The reports also let you know who has read the emails and which links within the email the customer clicked on.

    If you have any further questions then let us know.

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