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Hi I want to become more social media savvy, what can I do to achieve this. I am middle aged ,60 

Question submitted 17/05/20 @ 04:42pm
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  • Middle aged in ‘age’ but maybe young in attitude Ohopedude. A few ideas (1) learn from your children (2) learn from the youth (3) join some the Facebook Groups that exist in NZ (4) hunt around Google social media courses – but above all for me, the way I learn is by asking ‘people who know how’ to teach you!

    Find a platform you can relate most to & maybe don’t try to do them all:

    Twitter for short insights & passing thoughts.
    Instagram if pictures are more your thing to tell your story.
    LinkedIn if you are looking for industry connections or more detailed articles.
    Facebook for groups with common interests.

    Just a snapshot of a few & thinking which may talk to you the most 😉

    That & making a conscious decision why you want to use social media: to share, to sell, to connect, to inform?

    Cheers JT

    There is so much great free advice out there! There is a new Facebook group called ‘Boost with Facebook Aotearoa NZ’ where Facebook Trainers (like myself) give free training about how to leverage Facebook and Instagram for your business every week. You can also look up ‘Facebook Blueprint’ for lots of free trading modules about how to use social media in every part of your business. Good on you for wanting to up skill, it absolutely can be done! Good luck and enjoy 🙂

    I used to work for Hootsuite, a social media platform and they have a number of fantastic (often free) resources. Try these to get started:

    There is plenty of great advice here already and I agree with all of it! Also talk to your local Chamber of Commerce about what training they have and if there is currently any funding available to support this training. And watch out for free courses in your area and the multitude of free webinars currently been promoted not just in NZ but across the globe.

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