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Hi, I would like to know how I can turn all the people who love the concept of Grandad’s Beef, (supporting it on social media etc) into actual consumers who will sign onto a subscription meat box.  I have attached the link to the pledge me campaign I am currently running.  I chose this platform as it was easy for consumers to share via their social media accounts.  The idea is to hook people in with a tasting box, then move them over to a subscription model. pledgeme.co.nz  I have tried a number of other business models – Farmers market, supplying restaurants, and supplying select Foodstuff stores.  For a number of reasons these models didn’t work, but the main challenge has always been not selling the entire animal with everyone wanting the prime cuts only.  The boxes enable me to use the entire animal. 200 boxes make it viable, 400 I’m making a living, 1000 I’m making an impact! Thanks for your help.  Keep smiling, Tracey :)

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  • You might find this link good around working out where to focus – https://www.ycombinator.com/library/61-order-of-operations-for-starting-a-startup

    Hey Tracey – I really do love the story, think it is pretty well done, and you are getting some traction on PledgeMe – with two weeks to go – super interesting experiences you have had too, around trying different models. Assume your database is growing over all of these trials? Do you engage with the database very often? Andy

    Hi Tracey
    It looks like a great business model you are working on there and if you can crack it I think you’ll do well. It won’t be easy though and you’ll need to be tenacious but there are significant opportunities for subscription businesses and Covid-19 has accelerated the growth of those doing subscriptions well.
    The management consultancy McKinsey provide some great insights into this market which are worth reading here:
    Looking at your site and Pledge Me page it looks like you’ve got a good brand story about why people should consider your products. The key gap I see is your website doesn’t actually show the products that you are selling and there’s no immediate way to subscribe and pay. If I was to complete the subscribe form on your website I’m not actually sure what I’d be signing up for.
    If you check out this vege box client it’s very clear right from the home page the key products they sell: https://www.sixtoedfoxorganics.co.nz/. Also, note how due to demand they now only sell via subscription boxes. BTW, it might be worth looking at partnering with vege box suppliers with complementary offers
    Here’s a little article and video on the essentials of ecommerce success which you might find helpful too:
    All the best with your journey!
    Kind regards

    Kia ora Tracey,

    Subscriptions boxes are pretty hot worldwide, and especially during the current turbulent economic climate people are putting a lot more faith in reliable delivered food services too.

    Since you’re asking “I would like to know how I can turn all the people who love the concept of Grandad’s Beef, (supporting it on social media etc) into actual consumers who will sign onto a subscription meat box” I will assume that you’re asking about going the step beyond the PledgeMe page.

    There are a few things that I think would give the scalable impact effectively, split into two key areas:

    **Remarketing to your existing audience**

    I can see that you have some traction on Pledgeme but the real question is how many people in your audience are you able to retarget. For how many email addresses have you captured?

    Collecting email address and creating an email marketing campaign with your launch offer would be good to do.

    However, for something that’s more scalable (to achieve your 1,000+ boxes relatively quickly!) I believe Facebook advertising would be a good platform for marketing your type of subscription service.

    I see you’ve almost got 1,000 Facebook likes. I would suggest a Facebook ad campaign to retarget not only the people who like your page but also:
    – your email list (you can upload this to Facebook to remarket to them on Facebook)
    – lookalike audiences (Facebook can find many more people with very similar interests and demographics to the people on your existing audiences mentioned above).

    This article/case study talks more about the very subject for another subscription box company: https://adespresso.com/blog/facebook-ads-case-study-subscription-box/

    **Landing Page **

    It looks like you’ve got some great content on your website and PledgeMe page ~ Videos, media and story are a lot more than what most small businesses have.

    However, before you start doing a launch marketing campaign) I’d highly advise working on your website landing page.

    The landing page is fundamental for any business where you expect new customers to come from online channels. A few key things to consider:
    There’s no clear offer – As Grant pointed out ~ what is the product?
    You should have a strong Call-To-Action – I struggled to find out where to go next – what do you want me to do? This should be immediately obvious at every stage of the user journey
    Capture email addresses – This would be best done with a request to sign up for some sort of discount or competition perhaps – ideally triggered when a user tries to leave the website. You can set up one of these with a free email marketing tool such as MailChimp or Klaviyo.

    All the best!

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to respond 🙂 I will check out the links you have suggested. I am having some work done on the website, getting it ready for the subscription boxes. Part of the money from the pledge me campaign will go towards paying for improvements on the site. But I will go back and make it clearer on the website that the option to sign onto the subscription meat boxes will be available once the pledge me campaign has ended, to make it clearer – thanks for that feedback.

    I embedded a Mailchimp “subscribe” form to my website a couple of months ago, and I noticed that has grown with 14 new subscribers since running the pledge me campaign (now have a total of 95 subscribers wanting to be kept up-to-date) so that is growing slowly. I am trying to build those numbers up to be able to reach them better than I seem to be able to with Facebook. I try to do regular posts on FB and Instagram, just general posts of the farm or animal shots of the day, but I have been keeping the emails to the database more specific about the meat boxes. I didn’t want to spam them too much and have them unsubscribe 😬 but do you think I should send more general emails?

    I will get the emails from the pledgers if I reach the target, so I will enter those into the database if they are not already there (some from the database have pledged yay!).

    I was able to get some funding for marketing from the Covid regional business growth funding, and am working with a marketing company to try and convert our followers on FB to active buyers! I will learn as much as I can from them 🙂

    Thanks again for your responses, very much appreciated.

    Right, I’m off to read those links you’ve posted!

    Getting consistent content out into your target customers to grow your engaged users is something that I think could be done more of – I don’t really worry about losing subscribers, as long as I am growing my active audience of people and I am learning why people subscribe and what they are interested in – because if I understand the reasons for why, then I can just go and find more of these types. Andy

    You’re getting some great advice here Tracey from really experienced people in business and web.

    When talking to your web company about the site improvements I’d recommend chatting with them about integrating Mailchimp’s Ecommerce Automation capability. It’s quite simple to manage and introduces some great tools such as abandoned cart messages. Check out our recommended top 5 Mailchimp ecommerce automations here: https://www.rocketspark.com/blog/post/216/Rev-up-your-online-sales-with-Rocketspark–Mailchimp-ecommerce/

    For the full detail see this great article from Mailchimp: https://mailchimp.com/resources/identifying-profitable-automations-e-commerce-businesses/

    Kind regards


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