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Hi, I would love some advice on how to market an nz made natural health product.  I have loads of ideas and have tried to get the ball rolling but it just isnt my specialty.  I am a herbalist and make the product myself but cant quite cut through the red tape and rule and regulations to hit the market.  Please connect me with someone to chat this through with thank you in advance Amanda Haskell

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  • Hi Amanda

    Awesome – have you engaged the market with your formulation yet and got some feedback, guidance on likely interest, demand? When you say rules, regulations – talk to me about the ones that are a challenge – what we do with Manaaki is share with each other – so we get people like you to post your challenges and then the advisors and experts give their perspectives – hopefully you get the information you need to get through to the next phase. Maybe explain what you are looking to do a bit more and that will help. Andy

    Hi Amanda, I can connect you to a few people over here who know how to get this done. I would say that the regulatory hurdles are significant depending on both the formulation and the claims you are looking to make. And they are relatively common across different western countries. Some navigate them by direct selling out of NZ direct to consumer, but as you point out, this doesn’t help if you are looking to take advantage of full retail/etail distribution. As a next step, shoot me an email directly or connect via Linked-in and I will make the connection to a the people I know who do this work.

    Hi Amanda,

    Please have a read of the following posts as they might spark some fresh thinking. https://www.manaaki.io/forums/users/russell-douglas/replies || The posts cover things like empathy mapping, lean canvas, marketing strategy prompts, statement starters for ideation which I’d hope they’d prompt some new thinking and opportunities for you.

    All the best,

    I would personally start with the customer to ensure you have a market for your product. Get really clear on who you are selling to and why they would buy your product vs. other products on the market. Once you’re clear on this, you can work on bringing your product to market and building your marketing strategy around this.

    It will likely be helpful to conduct interviews with prospective customers or people who fit your ideal customer profile, and ask them a series of questions to understand where they find information, who they turn to for advice and recommendations, and what type of magazines, social media and other marketing materials they consume and in what frequency. I’d also ask questions about why they’d buy your product or consider it vs others. Together this information will then help guide your content strategy, marketing mix and messaging.

    I hope this helps~

    Hi Amanda

    I can’t help with the regulation side of things but I agree with the points above regarding marketing. There are some great resources around to help you plan.

    A powerful marketing approach is to use story. There must have been a reason you went to the effort to create this product. What was the moment that compelled you to start? Why are you passionate about it? Who has it helped? And how did it impact their life?

    As people we connect through story. Start by writing it down and think about the different ways you can share your story.

    I am happy to chat if its helpful.

    Good luck!

    Hi Amanda

    Before you go into marketing, story telling, business model creation or working out how your product is different from others, I’d recommend you go deep on your customers and meeting their needs.

    In design thinking you design your product off a need (not a bright idea or something that’s different for difference sake). Go deep in understanding this. Interviewing people is a great way to do this, as Kirsty menntioned above; Individual exploratory interviews where you’re open and curious and listening is a really powerful way to uncover gold. Interview 10 people you think are your target market and learn deeply. You can then do a bigger survey via surveymonkey et al to get a wider view.

    This gives you the clarity you need to design off – formulation, fragrance, texture, sensory experience, packaging, labelling, UX etc etc. It also gives you the essence of you – which is what you use to story tell.

    This is the stuff I’ve done for lots of lovely people like yourself, in the health and wellbeing space after doing at ecostore. Happy to chat more if you connect me via linked in. The world needs more herbalists!

    Go well

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