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Hi, I’m in the early stages of starting up and needing help or advice with setting up a basic website or facebook page that will best promote and sell my own artworks.I’m very lightly on facebook and Instagram, however I dont know how to navigate them correctly and my sales/promotion is in the toilet..not even, actually in the loo pipes! = I have NO CLUE about it whatsoever. Please can you help me?:) kim

Question submitted 16/04/21 @ 03:35pm
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      Hi Kim, congratulations on starting up your business!

      We’re pretty lucky that we now live in an age where there are lots of template-based website builders available where you can build your website without needing coding knowledge. This is often a good place to start. It will depend on what your business is but based on your mention of selling artworks I suggest you investigate Squarespace (which is well suited to showcasing portfolios and has ecommerce functionality) or Shopify which is an excellent ecommerce platfrom and integrates beautifully with Instagram and Facebook. Shopfiy is usually the go-to for ecommerce start ups especially if you have fairly standard requirements.

      In terms of Facebook and Instagram I suggest you look at the Facebook Blueprint courses here: https://www.facebook.com/business/learn?ref=ens_rdr These are a great way to get more confident with the platforms and start exploring some more advanced tips and tricks. Once you’re up annd running, make sure you add the Facebook pixel to your website and integrate your website into Facebook Shop so you can sell across all three platforms.

      Good old YouTube is a fantastic resource to walk you through step-by-step how to do these tasks.

      Good luck!

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      Hi Kim
      Drop me line next week and I’ll show you how to best set up up your FB business page and a simple website to get you started.

      and this one for North Art galley recently

      we did this one for masterwork art gallery


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      Hi Kim, there is some good advice already above, I recommend doing this well from the start on Facebook in particular, I have built pages and manage 5 regularly, it can be a real nightmare if you don’t set it up well and then have to switch once you have a following. Instagram could also be amazing for selling beautiful art, its a very pictorial based platform, as is Pinterest. With social it is always good to know where your audience will find you, where they hang out, what they like to watch and see. Once you identify who your audience is and some of their browsing and buying behaviors then you can put your energy into reaching them through the platforms they like to hang on.
      People may be ‘on’ Facebook, but are they looking for what you have there? That is the key question.
      There is a bit of Psychology behind peoples behaviors in this space.
      Your website will be important as a browsing and purchasing tool. I agree there are some amazing template sites out there that don’t cost a bomb to create, maintain and use, WIX, Squarespace and yes Shopify are all good.
      Work out what features you want your customers to have because ultimately everything you do has to be about them, what they like, their preferences and user experience.
      If you make it easy for them to understand what you offer, find you and purchase then you are winning a big part of the battel
      I hope my additional comments have helped.
      As a marketing expert I often see people put stuff up and out ‘there’ without giving through to that planning part of the foundation, understanding the audience and objective.
      Happy to answer any questions you may have on this if you want to unpack further
      Good luck

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