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Hi initially my sales took off when I posted on nz made products now things have quietened down how do I keep the momentum going? Thank you

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  • Morena – that NZ Made Products group has been epic for so many businesses which is cool – lets unpick that too with your experience:
    – you got noticed, so got some business – good
    – then other’s took attention – not so good

    What can you do?
    – get noticed by your target market(s)
    – engage with your community and build relationships
    – explore/understand who has bought from you recently, why and whether you can find more of these people – can you use some retargeting of them for referrals and/or use ‘look-a-like’ paid media programmes to find potential customers

    Overall – find your market, engage with them, get your voice out there – you got sales from NZ Made because you got noticed, you need to do more of that. Good luck. Andy

    Hi there – what type of business do you have?

    I can offer some advice on how to reengage on social media if you add some more details?

    Hi I make a range of jewellery


    i just need to work out how to get noticed more thank you

    Hi Marianne,

    Nice jewellery! I agree with Andy’s points, and setting your social media strategy is important. I wanted to add that Shopify have a few great guides on how to get started with social media marketing here: https://www.shopify.com/blog/social-media-marketing-strategy.

    All the best for increasing your sales!


    To get noticed, you need to build community, you need to sustain it, that means creating content, sharing it, identifying people who are interested and forming relationships that you can take through the funnels of decision making to purchasing. Have a look at the online education resources to enable this, so you can learn how to do this.

    Hi Marianne great advice from the experts who have posted. In addition it might be wroth looking at other channels to market such as The Marketplace, The Iconic, Estsy, Trademe, Farmers Markets, specialist retailers – depending on the style of selling environment you want to work in. Any channel expansion will also be well supported with development of your community and social messaging. Good luck!

    I used to work for Hootsuite (a social media platform) and they have a ton of free resource around building a content strategy and posting on social media. Here are a few links to get you started:

    Marianne – That’s great you reached out, and there has been a lot of great advice.

    On a more practical level, perhaps you can engage in a find out what resonated with people and leverage this to reach others. If you promoted your products on NZ Made and got good interest, perhaps you can create a survey for people to fill in that had engaged with your post? You can see who liked your post and who commented, and then who bought.One survey for those that purchased and a different survey for those that engaged with the post, but didn’t purchase.

    I’d start with the group that purchased, as they would be your biggest raving fans. Find out why they purchased, what inspired them, which products they liked. Find out a bit about them. Then, see if you can find a similar target market through Google Adwords / Facebook ads, etc. Perhaps you can even create a referral programme for those that purchased, so they can help be your advocates to spread the word.

    Then, you could take the learnings from this group and adjust your survey to the non-purchasers.

    For everyone that engaged, if they fill in the survey, ensure you collect their email address and ask for permission to email market to them in the future. This will then start a database for more regular comms with your target markets.

    Go well! Leslie

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