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Hi! I’ve ran coffee stations in cafes for a few years before having my first child, we understand the constant demand for delicious coffee, so me and my partner have decided to start our own coffee trailer business. This week we have bought a trailer platform and my partner is going to custom build the cabin structure (we are at the very start, still collecting materials).. First I wanted to ask because we bought this trailer through a Facebook sale can we still claim it as a business expense with no receipt? And if you could give any advice or know any great resources for information for start up mobile coffee vans, any suggestions or help with start up business costs etc would be greatly appreciated :) 

Question submitted 04/09/20 @ 11:23am
Industry: Food & Beverage
  • Exciting – you’ve made your first steps!
    I am not an expert on coffee or vans, so hope another expert will add their thoughts, but yes you can take the van purchase into account as a business expense. Just copy the transaction evidence from Trade me so you can use it as ‘evidence’ in your accounts.

    Morena, awesome, the hunt for people who have built the same or something similar eg. maybe mobile takeaway vans might be a good place to start. I know the Jucy Group people who built their own campervans but I am not sure that is totally relevant? What sorts of questions do you have that I might see if the Jucy people know some of the answers? Andy

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