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Hi. Just starting a new business involving carrying out residential and commercial land inspections for property buyers, sellers, and property owners looking to develop or upgrade their land. Includes inspecting all structures connected to the land (foundations. retaining walls, driveways, drainage systems etc.) and preparing a report outlining their condition and whether repairs or maintenance is required.No website yet, and all reports are prepared on standard word documents. However, I would like to investigate using an Ipad app or similar to reduce time and costs. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks

Question submitted 03/12/20 @ 09:59am
Industry: Property
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    Great work on starting a new venture. A great idea and very timely given the buoyancy of the property markets. An app would certainly help both improve your efficiency and streamline your processes especially if you looked to collaborate the full workflow i.e. invoicing, document storage, client portals etc. In terms of developing an app this falls outside of my property expertise, but I imagine there would be a number of development companies or even freelance developers that you could buy a coffee to get an indication of the cost, timeframe and capabilities of your app. If it were me I would seek out google or possible development pages on social media channels or chat forums to dig deeper into who may be able to help you here.
    https://www.puttiapps.com/ could be a good starting place for you here.

    All the best with this new exciting venture.


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