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Hi My name is Heidi Wehrle and I am a Lions Volunteer in Cambridge. We presently are doing free meals, we usually run a monthly Trash and Treasure, as well is do youth work etc. Through our ” Lions Shed our mostly superannuitant volunteers have raised 200k  each year for last 2 years from donated goods.This money is than overseen by Grants Committee for local people e.g. donated 100k towards complete refurbishment of our public swimming pool as well as sponsor kids to go on Spirit of adventure etc. We are seen by purchasing public as one of the cheapest opportunity shops around.This has now been set on it’s head by Coronavirus. We are not opening even on level 2 as costs of sanitising after each day, policing distancing and keeping us elderly volunteers safe is impossible.I took initative and took home heaters and started selling them through Cambridge Grapevine, response was fabulous and this has led me to think about having a virtual opp shop as well as the physical (when we can safely re-open.) I am seeking to get information on what this would entail and then I would present the plan to the Club.Thank you in AdvanceHeidi Wehrle.

Question submitted 14/05/20 @ 10:33am
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