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Hi team, I am currently working as a self employed fitness coach out of a gym and I also run mobile coaching sessions and fitness classes through my own business. I am wanting to grow my business both within the gym and also my own business. Things I have thought of are video testimonials, videos of the classes themselves, FB/IG marketing , flyers etc. what would be in your experience the best way to showcase these things where I would get a number of leads. I have done FB marketing before and found this hasn’t really produced many leads. I am also wanting to relook at my systems I have in place for on and off birding of my clients. As the sole owner and runner of my business these are some things that have slipped away from me over the last few months! Appreciate your time with this and thanks for putting this in place to help us small business owners through what has been a tough couple of months and will be hard going forward ! Kind regardsNat

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  • Nat,
    The best marketing activity, especially for a service business like yours, is word-of-mouth from your current customers. Not only is it low cost, but it is much more likely to result in a “sale” for you. If a friend or family member of mine gives a strong recommendation for a product or a service to me, I am much more likely to look into that than if I noticed a Facebook post, a paid listing, etc.
    So how can you encourage this?
    The first thing to do is to ask!
    Talk to your clients, send them an email, call them on the phone, hand them a promotional flyer … encourage them to help you.
    You could also consider something more tangible. For example, one free class for every new customer they refer to you. Or maybe a new exercise mat (with your logo on it, of course).
    This requires you to have good systems in place, both to know who you current customers are, who are the new customers coming on-board, and how they heard about you.
    All the best.

    Hi Nat,
    Are you able to use your gym’s social channels? Put together a general/nutrition/fitness educational workshop as lead gen to boost your gym business. Posters/flyers at a gym can give sweaty people something to look at or pick up so they can find you on social channels. A workshop-type event or a free trial group class can also work well in your local community, and you can leverage community FB groups to promote this.
    Your onboarding process could include your social media links, and encourage new clients to share their fitness journey. Getting people to commit to a course of sessions eg a 6-week fitness bootcamp can both help people commit, and be very social media friendly. (In one bootcqmp at the park I attended we were all tagged on FB each time and it snowballed quickly). Testimonials are also very useful, especially for long-time clients or as part of your off-boarding process (running a bootcamp? Get those referrals and stories!)
    Keep up with building your social media presence on both FB and Insta, and encourage new clients to connect with you and share their workout journey. There’s certainly been plenty of lockdown cooking, baking and general fitness slacking off you can leverage!

    Hi Nat,
    Some great ideas so far. Leveraging your current clients is a great idea – talking to them and find ut waht they love about working with you, and any pain points you could improve could help you optomise what you already do. This will make your current clients more sticky and increase the likelihood they will recommend you to their network.

    I definitely agree with a kick off group type activity. Post lockdown baking shape up?? It is a great way to kick people into a new routine and add a social element to exercising, which you can then leverage into new one on one clients as well.

    You may also want to think about some specialized offers that target specific types of clients and use FB to speak to them in a really targeted way. It would mean some trial and error but might assist in identifying specific groups you could target for the future. For example, post baby re-establishing fitness, rehab class, executive fitness. Or even choose and event and help people train for it. It is really important that your images tell your story in a really appealing way. Maybe go back and look at what you did last time and identify where there might be areas you can improve; images, headlines, offers or targeting? And ask your current clients how they found out about you? you can do this informally through a chat or even design a short survey and ask them for a range of insights which you could then use to target your activities.

    Good luck!

    Good luck!

    Hi … good on you! Two quick thoughts from me… advertising and marketing on FB has got super cheap just recently so perhaps worth revisiting… you may get more bang for your buck?? And have you thought about asking ‘key influencers’ for a social media plug… DM anyone famous and remotely connected to your gym, part of the country or who cares about what you’re doing… try tagging them on LinkedIn perhaps?? The world needs more like you… keep going!! 🙂

    Some great advice above. Especially re: getting existing customers to tell a friend – “do you know anyone else who is looking for a fitness coach?”. If they do, give them a good old fashioned business card to pass on to that friend.

    FB ads are definitely effective but it is a skill as there are lots of pitfalls. It’s important to target your audience carefully, and test out different offers/images/audiences to see what works best. Use very small daily budgets for each ad to start with. And also make sure you send them to a landing page that directly matches your offer (not just a general homepage) and gives a very clear call to action (call you, book an appointment, book your first free session etc).

    If you can figure out based on past experience what your average overall profit per client is, then you can also decide how much it’s worth spending to get a new client. It’s a powerful figure to know, as it can often mean you’re willing to spend 10 times as much on advertising as you thought 🙂

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