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Hi Team. I saw you on breakfast, how amazing you are helping others and supporting NZ business. We are starting up a small business selling honey. My husband, brother and father are beekeepers. We produce unique honey but we need help to get it out to the market place. We would love to have a website to help it grow. We would appreciate some advice and help with this, please. Thank you !

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    Hi Ange

    Awesome! New ventures are always exciting.

    You can get something stood up by yourself on Shopify very easily and affordably. Shopify is designed for commerce. They offer a 90-day free trial, so you can see if its fit for purpose. The other benefit of the platform is that it is something you can grow with. There are a host of additional apps available you can use as your business expands.

    When you’re setting up your website I’d pay close attention to your story (which sounds awesome!), what sets you apart & content (imagery). Its always great to look at your competition, see what they do well/not so well and replicate the good stuff in your own way.

    I know Manaaki is also working with Swiftly to offer 1000 free websites. However, I’ll let someone else on the team explain that great promotion.




    Kia Ora, Ange – Honey, how sweet 🙂 Great to see your enthusiasm.

    Manaaki has partnered with Swiftly to offer 1000 free websites. You can register your interest at http://www.mananaaki.io/1000websites.

    Let us know when you are up and running. Might have to give it a try!


    Hi there,

    It sounds like you’ve got an exciting story to tell and an awesome product opportunity.

    I think the key challenge is in building your business and growth strategy so if that’s the case I’d recommend you work through the steps below as a kickstarter.

    I’d start with the lean canvas which can help you to determine your own angle. How you’ll stand out vs the competition. Who your competitors are. What your unique value proposition is. What your unfair advantage is. How you’ll price your services to be competitive and sticky. https://leanstack.com/leancanvas

    Once you’ve had a crack at the top line canvas I’d then suggest developing a more detailed plan using an old marketing framework: SOSTAC, which stands for Situation, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Action, Control.

    * Situation assesses where a business is presently (Where are you now? Who are the competition? What’s the market size? Who are your target customers and where are they? Are there any gaps your business could fill? Etc)

    * Objectives sets the mission or goals for the business (Where do you want to be? What are the 3-5 objectives you have for the business? E.g. For the first year: To grow the business revenues from $x to $x with a profit of x%. To achieve a product sales target of $x. To grow our customer base to x. To drive brand awareness by x%.)

    * Strategy is an overview of how to achieve the objectives (How do you get there? What are the high level strategies you’ll deploy to reach your objectives? E.g. Target customers and drive product sales through launch offers. Raise brand awareness in the community using targeted comms, etc etc).

    * Tactics are the details of strategy (e.g. the marketing mix. These are the specific initiatives you’ll employ to deliver on your strategies. E.g. Targeted FB ads, join local business networks, conduct door flyer drops, write articles for local press, offer a recurring revenue bundle such as a subscription to your honey that comes with associated products (this will assist with managing cash flow and provide some predictability on revenues), raise your own profile in the community through social good etc etc).

    * Actions how do you ensure excellent execution of the plan. (E.g. Using simple planning tools you can plot your tactical initiatives across a calendar).

    * Control establishes how you know whether you are getting there (What do you need to monitor? E.g. Put in place simple measurement tools to allow you to understand what tactics are achieve if the best outcome for your business. Use A/B split testing with your ads on FB, monitor if there was a spike in website traffic or sales after an article was published in the local press, after promoting your subscription based offer via, say a member get member offer, did you see a significant uptake? Etc etc).

    By systematically working through each of the areas above you’ll land on a clear direction and the tactical efforts you need to take the business forward.

    Further information can be found here;

    SOSTAC® marketing planning model guide

    When it comes to bringing it all to life it’s really down to yourself and your family to get creative and think differently to your competitors. What are they doing on the socials, who’s demanding the best position in the market and why, how are they turning up differently. Considering these questions will hopefully lead you to a set of smart strategies and tactics (as part of your sostac plan) to smash the competition!

    Good luck,

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