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Hi Team.  I would love to have a website for my small business to help it grow

Question submitted 14/05/20 @ 08:36am
Industry: Retailing
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    Hi there,
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    A website is a great idea so what’s stopping you? You don’t know where to start? You don’t have the time?

    There are many ways to get going but you need to understand a few things first:
    1. What is your website going to for your business – what’s the purpose? Eg. are you going to sell stuff off it? Is it a way to share information and tell your stories? Is it for people to find out how to contact you?
    2. If you are going to sell stuff on it (a transactional site), are these products that require photography? If so, have you got the photography or how are you going to get those images? And the rich product descriptions need to be developed to explain your product/service to the customer.
    3. How often will you need to update these? Understanding the volume helps when deciding the type of website and CMS (customer management system) for your business.
    4. There are all the administrative elements you need to work our for getting your product to the shopper:
    – Are there delivery charges, picking and packing costs
    – Will you distribute locally, regionally, nationally, internationally
    – What’s your return process and policy
    5. Have you secured your URL (ie. the name of your business?) You can go to nz.godaddy.com and type in the names to see what is available. You can easily secure your domain name so the website can be built to the name which people will be able to easily search your business for.

    Setting up a website is not difficult but you need to have thought through some stuff before you can select which way to go.

    Doing a bit of upfront planning can help you select the right platform to DIY or find an expert to help (eg. Wix, Squarespace) and use Shopify for your transactional engine if you need one or select ready to go options such as:

    You would have seen Manaaki is offering 1000 free websites

    Enter your email to secure your free website and we’ll send you the details to get you up and selling online

    Zeald is offering to build 500 free sites for SMEs in NZ

    Westpac and MYOB are offering free website builds if you are a customer

    What I always find helpful is finding some websites you think are good. Keep a note of them and why you like them. Also, look at your competitor’s sites to see what functionality they have. What do you like/don’t like? This isn’t to copy, but if you haven’t been involved in having a website built before it’s sometimes hard to describe what you need – and showing someone can often help bridge the gap.

    Good luck and remember planning is your friend so you get the outcome you want.

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