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Hi Team,Over the last year or so, my Sister and I have been brainstorming, researching and learning what we need to, to start our little side business. Our services fall in beauty and fashion.Due to the lockdown, we’ve invested way more time in planning and studying etc however, we’re now unsure if we should even start a business that is close-contact whilst there is no cure for Covid-19 yet.Would you suggest we hold off on this business venture until the foreseeable future?Thank you all for your time to help all of us during these uncertain times.Warmest regards,xo

Question submitted 23/04/20 @ 08:16pm
Industry: Fashion
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    Fashion is not an easy space to be in, regardless of COVID, it is extremely crowded
    and has many entry points, with lots of diverse players. With any new idea, unless it is directly related to this COVID environment it is always great to pause, you may find however that there is a much stronger apetite to support and wear local fashion post COVID, so it become as an easier platform of start up for you. Regardless ensure you have a USP, and maintain a focus, so you drive your products across relevant demographics.

    Happy to talk more to you on email Annah@strettonclothing.co.nz


    Hi there,

    Annah is absolutely right (and it’s thrilling to get support from such an expert!) You need a very strong unique selling point to cut through the fashion market, it is incredibly crowded and with so many choices coming in from overseas it’s only getting harder. In saying that there is nothing wrong with starting small and testing your market before you invest a lot of capital. Can you have a soft launch by creating a few pieces and building an audience? Being sold out of a small amount of stock is better than being left with a ton you can’t move. Go gently in this market and test test test before you over commit.

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