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Hi team,what is the best way of selling to Potential customers customers in a level 2 level 3 lockdown.i have an IT company and I’m looking to get my products out there.also how would you engage or pick your IT company to with with ?

Question submitted 22/08/20 @ 10:57am
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    Morning – for me, the easiest sale is to the person that already knows and respects you, and the hardest sale is the stranger who knows nothing of you, and then there is a ‘big middle’ in between.

    So first focus on your existing or past customers – can you get them to rebuy from you, update, check in with them, ask them how they are going, etc.

    From this engagement, once you have given them a chance to talk, respond and maybe you have helped them a bit – ask them if they would have any referrals to people like them, that you might work with.

    Then think about your customers, and your best ones and ask ‘what do they look like’ that might give you some insights about others to go after who are like that – and then go hunting – similar industries and/or similar mentality or approach.

    I always think, it is easier to go to a total stranger because you don’t have to worry about rejection, but you know when no-one knows you, it is so hard from a conversion perspective – we are mostly relational people in NZ, so think about how to use the degrees of separation to get some conversion going.

    What I also did not say – think about people in your industry that you work with, in your and their supply chain, talk to them, ask how are they going, and see if they have any ideas.

    Good luck. Andy


    Hi there,
    Currently the same applies in selling other than perhaps face to face meetings are off the table at the moment and the use of technology is even more important. Be very clear about your Ideal customer profile, what problem can you solve for them, what is unique about your business and then be clear on a sales process based on your clients needs not your own. To generate opportunities focus on 3 main areas -sales, marketing and channels -all work and all will add value. Other than f2f meetings you still have phone, email, text, LinkedIn,social platforms, video messages, zoom or similar etc etc, the channels are still open for business. Be proactive rather than reactive and I think important to remember whilst we need to be respectful of different business challenges at present it is also important to remember that businesses still need to be buying and selling as much as pre covid.
    Good luck,

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