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Hi, Thanks so much for this much needed help.We are in the food business and have a wonderful new product that we want to launch. We do not have much experience in marketing and would love to have some advice in the most cost effective and effective way to get our product out there.Thanks a million.Carey

Question submitted 06/05/20 @ 08:19am
Industry: Food & Beverage
  • Morena Carey (I think?) sounds exciting…can you tell us more is it grocery, specialist or food service oriented?
    We can then tailor advice to help.

    Hi Carey,
    I found the best way to get any new product/brand into market was connecting with people at point of sale. So sampling, whilst time consuming it was always the best outcome short/long term for the businesses I was involved within the food industry.
    All the best, sounds exciting

    Hi Carey. As Vicky has mentioned, it would be good if you could be more specific.
    If it is a supermarket product, then new launches will be challenging for some time as supermarkets are understandably focussed on trying to ensure they meet existing demand.

    The good news though, is that irrespective of the product and distribution channels, the ability to get it noticed by your potential market has never been easier.
    Social media is a great leveller and the more compelling your product and its message, the more traction you’ll get.


    The best way to learn is to talk to folks who have done it before. Let me know if I can help with introductions to brand startups in the food space. I definitely have a few ideas as well as having clients looking for new brands.

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