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    • jenna

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      Question submitted 27/01/21 @ 10:52am

      Hi there, I am having issues finding a manufacture for cosmetic brushes. Most I have found are based in China and have been using Alibaba. However, I get bombarded by messages that are not what I am looking for and having communication issues/language barriers. I would appreciate any advice on firstly how to find suppliers and secondly how to negotiate around their MOQ’s.Thanks Jenna 

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      • Alister Gates

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        Reply submitted 27/01/21 @ 10:52am


        Hi Jenna, you are doing it all right, and I know the process can be slow and frustrating. It is really important to find the right supplier, not just the right product but someone who you can work with and has a strong interest in your requirements. Alibaba is the right place, when I have done a similar exercise I usually find 3-4 companies I am interested in, start a chat conversation. If that doesn’t seem to go well I move on, take that as an early warning sign. I always buy samples, get them shipped down and review and test them. All this takes time but worth it. Most places will do customisation but then you are looking at MOQ’s in the thousands. I am sure quality is important to you, the cheapest will be just that. When you are looking at a supplier also check out their other products, reviews etc. Also make sure they are the manufacturer, not an agent, sometimes that is hard to tell. When you have selected a supplier there are 3rd party services in China to check the quality before they are sent to NZ. I have contacts in China and NZ that would be happy to help as well, shout out if you need more support.

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