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Hi there.I am looking for New Zealand Businesses/Products/items etc that are Health Related, and are looking for potential customers/consumers to try and test there goods. I have started my start up called FIT BOX. Where each month we have a new FIT BOX That has 6-9 different health related products/items etc and x1 monthly home workout for Health Enthusiast to try. These are subscription based boxes.We will also have an itinerary in each box that will describe what their product/item is and where our buyers can purchase their goods if they choose to in the future.We are looking for New Zealand Only products so that we can enhance and help to support our own back yard. As for cost.We are asking that each brand that we work with donate 100 samples of their product, as we will only have the capacity to sell 100 per month until a later date. We ask to donate, in exchange for the advertisement/exposure. However we are also willing to work with our brands to come up with a solution on how we can work around this.Such as a discounted price.50% of all proceeds will go towards our ‘wahine united’ chosen charity, that supports wahine to be involved in sports/school camps and extra curricular activities for whanau that are financially less fortunate.So I guess what I am asking is where and How would I approach these New Zealand Brands? .I have posters etc too.

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    Hello! Subscription based boxes have become very popular across a range of industries. The fitness/health related concept aligns with one of the biggest consumer trends which is great.

    There are lots of good posts and replies about identifying your target market etc, so I wont add anything in that space, and instead focus on your core question. I would keep it nice and simple and do the following;
    – create a presentation that outlines the concept, your target market and the wahine/community related element. Be clear on the benefits that being part of the box will bring to your target product suppliers
    – be clear on the ask – 100 units of product – and the timeline – really important for the supplier companies
    Then, create a protoype of your ideal box with an ideal mix of products, and then jump on the phone and start talking to the companies that make the products you would love in your box. Share your presentation with them. They will probably ask who else in on board and the first one will be the toughest.

    Good luck! Vicky


    thank you so much! this was so so so much help!

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