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Hi there, I am shortly launching an apprenticeship model business to get more young people into sales and customer focused roles. In short, they’ll be assessed, placed and then go onto a 12 month training programme (online and ‘peer to peer’ support).  This will be a ‘for profit’ business however we want to help coach/mentor/train those who may really need it as well.  We have thought about the various ways it could happen and have looked at overseas models (including the KOTO principal – ‘know one teach one’).  Looking for some help/guidance/idea swapping on how we could best structure this and who would be the groups it could impact most.  Thanks, Scotty

Question submitted 08/09/20 @ 05:28am
Industry: Social Enterprise (Community, Not-for-Profit, For Profit)
  • First thought is run the first co-hort to get some data out (at least part of the programme) to see who benefits – then go into the stakeholder market to trial some different partnership and engagement models from
    – alumni contributing
    – corporates contributing
    – employers
    – other stakeholder organisations including Government

    What I have found is that no-one believes in this stuff, until they are shown – unless they have done it themselves before!

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