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Hi there, I’m about four weeks from launching a business which will assess, place and train young people into the workplace (like a business apprenticeship).  I need to find a good brand/logo/web design company/consultant – we need to look good but don’t need lots of functionality at this stage.  We have the ‘stories and messaging’ – more look/feel/design needed.  As we’re pre-revenue there’s no government funding available (I’ve tried two avenues) however need to get this going ASAP – if anyone knows of a good ‘junior’ who might be looking for a side project?  Many thanks, Scotty 

Question submitted 17/08/20 @ 03:13pm
Industry: Brand & Marketing
  • Hi Scotty,

    This sounds like an interesting venture.

    Complete disclosure, this is my husband’s business DAVO.NZ.

    They are supportive of supporting small business New Zealand (being a small business themselves). Have a chat with Dave on 021 373 410..

    Alternatively, you can tap into talent at fiverr.com for help with the digital assets you are looking for.

    Don’t forget about including linkedin and Facebook in your go to market strategy (so think about the right messaging and creative for use in these channels).

    All the best!

    Hey Scotty

    In addition to Fiverr.com check out Upwork.com and Behance, there are plenty of young talented designers on both of those channels, the other local option is Unicorn Factory.


    Hi Scotty,

    The tool https://www.canva.com/ is worth a look if you don’t know it. It is super easy to create professional-looking logo designs (and brochures, presentations, visuals etc). The existing templates are easy to modify too (if you are short on ideas). You can play with it for free and get the Pro version on a free 30-day trial. Could be a good stop-gap while you are pre-revenue.

    Have fun,


    Hi Angela, thanks for that – we’ve just started to engage with someone (another referral) so we’ll see how we go…Dave’s portfolio looks great! Thanks Scotty

    Thanks Pat – good suggestions, best Scotty

    Thanks Sarah, yes Canva…my wife has just got on to it so have seen its user friendly approach, best Scotty

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