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Hi there team I am just wondering if anybody can help me with a legal situation with shipping. I’ve been working with a printing broker to organise printing some children’s books about 1600 of them. We met mid last month and after seeing some printed proofs of the book she said that from her timing these books would have been here the week of the 15th of February.Outside of this I have organised with another party that I would have 800 books ready for them this coming week off the basis off this brokers timing. I gave it about a two week buffer.Since then she has decided that I needed a bound printed proof before they print/send the rest of the books. I am going to lose this deal with this company buying 800 books because I don’t have these books in my possession. from the right the excuses and timing goes I don’t think these books are going to arrive for another two to three weeks which or not go down well with the timing of my marketing for this book.This broker has said that it’s due to covid-19 and Chinese New years but I felt that for someone who has said they have been in the printing industry for 20 years that they would have fact it all of this in.From her timing the books should have been here about a week or so ago at the very longest according to our email trail.I have found a local printer who can do my order within a few days. I am just wondering now if I am legally bound to the agreement still. I have only asked for a quote and agree to the quote verbally and why email but I have not signed anything in person nor have I paid a deposit.If someone could please help me understand the legal process or probably just understanding if she has any grounds to still invoice me and follow a legal proceeding off this situation.

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    Hi there

    If you accepted the quote verbally or by email this is still a contract – there is no need for this type of contract to be in writing or signed.

    In terms of whether you are able to cancel the contract or have any remedies for the delay, a lawyer would need to look at the full correspondence between you and whether there are any other terms that form part of your contract – e.g. if the quote had terms and conditions attached then this probably forms part of the contract between you are the broker.

    Are you able to get the 800 books you need for this order through the local printer then find another way to market the other 1600?



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