Question :
Hi there team ive set up my website but how do people find me 

Question submitted 14/05/20 @ 02:34pm
Industry: Sales
  • Hi there – well done on setting up the site. Now to build your content and your reach programmes to your target market. That might include building social profiles via Insta or Linked In – joining Facebook groups, and telling your community you are trying to reach about what you offer – it really now is about you learning through trial and error how this works for you – all the best – there are lots of places to learn ie google search to do that yourself – trial and error – Andy

    Well done on getting site built! Andy’s points above a bang on and the only thing I would add is think about the brands that engage with you well and how do they achieve it? Learn from others and then aim to be that little bit better!

    also if there are adjacent businesses that add value to your business and vice versa… maybe chance to collaborate and help each other generate traffic and business for each other.

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