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Hi there, thanks for the opportunity to post in here!I have a small business making care boxes for cancer patients (wheat packs, soap etc). All proceeds go towards making the boxes or get donated to local cancer charities, so I have little to no budget for advertising. I am wondering the best way to promote and grow awareness of the brand? I have approached some cancer charities who can’t help for various reasons. At the moment I’m posting on Facebook & Instagram, but wondering how to reach people outside of my friend group. Should I be putting the small budget I have allocated towards boosting posts, or something else? Thank you!

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  • Hi there – I think you’ll be surprised at how much you can expand your reach by spending a very small amount on boosting your Facebook posts. Remember you can target your audience – I don’t have experience in health related targeting, but I’m assuming you could narrow down the field in some way to hit more relevant people – at the very least, make sure you ring-fence your boost to the geographical areas that you serve. Give it a go – you can always stop if it’s not working.

    Hi there
    Storytelling works wonders. Could you gather the stories of patients you have already helped and use these as part of your marketing strategy? Write blogs, get video testimonials from the patients and their families and start a YouTube channel where you can host them with Call To Actions through to find out more/purchase. Are there Facebook groups dedicated to those living with cancer that you could reach out to? Also, think broader in terms of bricks & mortar affiliations – beyond cancer charities, but still targeted are organisations like Hospice and Ronald McDonald House etc who care for the terminally ill from extensive causes including cancer.

    Great ideas from the other advisors. A further idea is maybe to partner with a brand that wants to be active in this space and has a product that might fit in the boxes, and then share the promotional costs between you. That way they get the positive association with what you do and you can leverage their involvement.

    Good luck!

    Hi Claire, what a wonderful initiative. Can you clarify the nature of the advertising advice? Is this to get product in to your care packages, or for more places to donate your boxes?

    I would also consider public relations opportunities to spread the word on the amazing work you are doing. Perhaps there is a local media (newspaper, radio or television) organization that would be interested in sharing information. There’s no harm in calling … the worst they’re going to do is either say no or not call you back.

    I would also think about leveraging your network and various different types of adjacent partnerships to promote what you’re doing. Is there a large local business who would benefit from announcing or promoting what you’re doing to their employees, can you work with the companies who are providing the products for your boxes to promote on their social media channels, websites etc?

    Paid social works too, of course, I’d be really focused and targeted with your spend on this front to ensure you are maximizing your budget. Who is the audience you want to reach, and what is the most compelling thing they need to know about your offering? Ensure you’re hyper-focused on these people with you social budget for the best return on your investment.

    I hope this helps~

    This is amazing, thank you all so much!

    I had thought about storytelling before, but don’t have enough customers at the moment and the boxes are generally purchased by family/friends so I don’t talk to them directly. I will have a think about putting something in the box, or even sharing stories of friends I know that have had cancer or supported someone with cancer too.

    The other feedback is great too, I will look into all of these and see how it goes.

    @leslie-preston I am just wanting to promote to customers which could be family & friends of someone with cancer, or the patient themselves – I already have products for the boxes, and places to donate money.

    Thanks again everyone.

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