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Hi there, wanting advice on marketing and selling roasted coffee beans. Would appreciate any ideas, Cheers.

Question submitted 28/04/20 @ 08:02am
Industry: Business Growth
  • Hi there is this a new or existing business? Can you give us a bit more info on your situation?

    Hi there,

    In terms of marketing, you need to craft a story that is going to make people like, trust and buy from you.
    Think about what’s your point of difference?
    Think about telling your story with Why you started it, how you do it (show the roasting process etc), the people behind the product, and what’s great about the final product.

    Start collecting a iibrary of good photos and short videos for social media as it’s great place to start telling your story and build a community of people who care about the same thing that you do.

    Are you selling direct to public or are you looking to supply cafes or retail?

    @claire-oconnell is bang on.
    Tell us about yourself.
    Where are you, when did you start, what motivated you and who are you targeting
    Do you have a shop that has patronage?
    How do you source your beans and what makes them different

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