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Hi there, we are a very new start up recently gone live in a pandemic (not the plan). We are running on the smell of an oily rag, have pretty much 0 brand awareness and need sales to justify more spend on growing awareness via marketing. We are a kids, fun online financial literacy course and are leveraging the new ‘home learning’ message via social as well as reaching out to people/parenting sites offering free course access to get exposure, we are doing some paid social advertising and written a blog article/posted on FB with ideas on how to start talking about money as a family in an attempt to build the brand in a helpful/conversational way. Given many families are feeling the financial pinch and tightening their belts, now is a great time for kids to understand & appreciate the value of money & develop positive money habits and behaviours for the future – how do we best leverage all of this without a) looking like we are trying to make a quick buck in very uncertain times for families and b) how much $$ to invest on brand building without the prospect of sales immediately??  Cheers

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  • Great concept and definitely something many families could benefit from. If you are providing a genuinely useful product or service don’t be worried that people will think you are trying to profit from the current situation.

    Couple of promotional ideas that might help. Find a key opinion leader, and offer them a free sub to promote to their audience. Get them to do 2-3 posts to share with their followers. Promote to over 60s with a buy a sub for your children and grandchildren. Promote with buy one for yourself get half price for a friend…lowers the average sale price, but will drive engagement and #s using the product. Finally, you have to promote if you want to grow…with no guarantee of a return. That is the risk – and if you get it right, the reward of starting a business!

    Hello, you might surprise yourself with the timing. As people reassess or are reminded of their values you could well find that this crisis brings opportunity for your business as families get focussed on budgeting and budgeting tools. Parents have become actively engaged in delivering their kids some form of education and it sounds like your practical and fun online tool is perfect. An oily rag won’t get you to far and Vickys comments above are really good. Media are looking for new content and positive stories so don’t be afraid to reach out to people at say the AM Show (Duncan or Mark), The Project, Hilary at Seven Sharp. As we come together more as community ensure your friends and social networks know all about what your doing and ask them to spread the word. Give them some free product so they can become advocates for you. I have no doubt a product like this is sadly missing from kids general education. Stay positive – you’re onto a winner.

    It’s a great concept and Vicky and James’ comments are spot on. I think cut-through will be really important as parents are being bombarded with so many options now and it can be overwhelming. If you could turn some of your blogs or content into short videos these would work really well for social marketing. This could then open up an option to see if you can link in with Amped (new show on TV3) or the new TV2 channel for kids focussed on education. I’m sure they’d love some variety in the type of content they’re delivering.

    Ahi ahi marie – what a wonderful service you’re developing that is so relevant for where we are right now. Echoing what Vicky said above, as long as you stay in service, you won’t come across as pushy sales. You are addressing a need: helping children help their families be better with family budgetting. This is real values shifting stuff for a new generation – from ‘pester power’ buy-me-more to influencing power make-do-with-less. Agree with Sam and James re media pick up. I’d recommend you secure some case studies that can be profiled – easier for media to pick up, can be put on website, shared socially and form really good before/after proof points to promote your value prop.
    Go well

    Hi there, this is certainly a tool that is needed don’t be worried about asking for money for your product – know your value. I agree with Melissa as far as developing case studies. My first point of call would be getting some micro bloggers/influencers to use it with their kids and provide a review/case study that you can use on your website/social platforms. Video is absolutely key and the great thing about engaging with bloggers is that they are experts at making them! Just be careful about saying ‘this programme was gifted in exchange for a review’ if you use influencers. You could of course also start a brand partnership with a more established blogger but this will come at a cost. Have you thought about creating a budgeting challenge for kids to participate and share your hashtag? Kids love a competition, put together a cool prize pack and have them share their results to win it. I would also think about who you could collaborate with in your space to spread the word. Are there other small business owners in the parenting space that you can cross promote with? Go for it!

    Thank you for your suggestions – we are making great advances in the influencer/media/pr space and we have already reached out to a few parenting/kid sites e.g. Kidspot/TotstoTeens with giveaways etc to help with generating users into our free trial who ultimately become purchasers. I love the budgeting competition idea – will definitely do this!

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