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Hi there, We are TakeOver Nutrition, bringing New Zealand and the worlds first home compostable packed vegan protein powder to the market. As branding and flavor are the two most important elements aiding success of a startup business like this. Would really appreciate some expert advice regarding these topics. We have had many samples but cant seem to nail the final flavors or package branding.We are passionate about this product and the environment, can not wait to get it off the ground! Look forward to hearing from you! Really appreciate this,-Hunter & AutumnCo-Owners @ TakeOver Nutrition

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    Hi Hunter and Autumn sounds like a really interesting idea. Can I suggest you head over to the Foodie Volunteer Army on Linkedin….a group of food tech professionals who are here to help with questions like these…



    Kia Ora Hunter and Autumn – Well done on your energy in getting your business going! Just a few very quick thoughts to perhaps get things moving on the branding. Are you clear about your target market, your unique value proposition, your competitive advantage over other options? Perhaps, you can speak to your target markets and get feedback from them on your marketing proposition and your branding ideas. Once this is clear, you can move to mapping out your brand through story boards and seeing if these resonate with your customer segments. Once you know you are in the right territory, you may want to bring in a brand specialist to help bring it to life. Good luck!


    Hey Hunter and Autumn – what an awesome offering! As a vegan hemp powder user myself, I love your commitment to lowering your packaging footprint.

    Re flavour – you need to get this right first. Having helped out a few F&B start ups, no matter how good your branding is, the product is king – and flavour, texture, taste, smell profile is critical. As Leslie said, you can go out and get people sampling different options and giving you feedback. You can also do a questionnaire on FB and find out what people are using already, which flavours they prefer etc. Look what other competitors are doing. I’d recommend you also think about the UX and how this might influence flavour e.g. I use a berry flavoured one because I use it in a smoothie with frozen berries.

    Re branding – I’ve checked out your FB page but can only see your logo. What can help with branding here is develop some mood boards of images you like, other brands you like. Get visual stimuli. Then review and think about what you instinctively love about them. Secondly and separate to this, think about your values, what drives you, what’s important to you, what images or icons or colours that resonate with you etc. Brainstorm. Reflect. Branding should always flow from the essence of who you are (this is what I did at ecostore). Bring both pieces together. Then think about online / shop presence – how well it photographs, looks.

    Last one, posing a question – I notice you have a beautiful scoop as part of your packaging – is this something offered with every pack? To keep your footprint (and cost) low, you might want to think about this being a once off, or special gift with purchase vs an ongoing thing included in every pack.

    Go well

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