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Hi there, we own a small takeaways in a small town. Do you know if a business can take eftpos payments if they’re doing it in a safe manner ie contactless shield between customer and business and sanitizing between every customer. Obviously they’re not allowed inside the shop but the customer could phone through the order then walk up to the shop front to pick up with a number system so they know when its ready.So many businesses couldn’t implement a system for taking payments online and I’m assuming the likes of McDonalds etc will be taking eft through drive through. Also so many people in our town wouldn’t be savvy with online payments or apps.Thanks in advance😁

Question submitted 20/04/20 @ 09:03am
Industry: Food & Beverage
  • Morning… I can see the lack of clarity on this as in many of the articles I’ve read it isn’t black and white on being able to operate with an eftpos machine in a sanitised way. The article attached from yesterday doesn’t cover it clearly either however I’m picking more detail will be shared when decision yo level 3 is made. However we are all using eftpos machines (ideally tap and go) at the supermarket and dairies so I’m guessing if you can do safely when people pick up there orders then it will be fine to do so. My view is… if the process you put in place is firstly safe for your staff then this should directly reflect how safe your customers will see you too and as such be happy to buy. I’ve reached out to some contacts at Paymark so will share what they come back with also. All the best and I am sure more clarity will come later today. Be safe!

    Covid 19 coronavirus: Can your business operate under alert level 3?

    Just had a reply from contact at Paymark to your question including ability to turn your phone into the ability to take payment… see below

    Craig, this is the service offering from us for level 3 businesses:

    Essentially merchants go sign up themselves (takes 10 min) and they can log into our web portal to request payments at a distance/over the phone.

    As soon as we are clear around the rules of level 3 payments using eftpos terminals we would be letting our businesses know what the santisation procedures would be. Will share with you too!

    A couple more options for you – https://eatlocalnz.com/ is a new initiative that is getting some traction and https://mobi2go.com/ and just be aware of the payment fees that are in and around this as you work through your options – some good guidance here – https://www.manaaki.io/forums/topic/hi-there-im-getting-into-contactless-pick-up-for-my-customers-and-want-to-flip-into-a-new-payment-gateway-for-doing-this-and-as-part-of-this-im-a-bit-confused-about-the-different-paymen/ – good luck

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