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Hi there,First of all a big thanks to all the advisors for offering their advice to small business owners like myself.After the Covid-19 crisis knocked my STC income back to zero 12 weeks ago, I’ve been working on launching a new start-up. It’s an e-commerce store and delivery service in one. I have a domain, Shopify account and plan to use Facebook marketing.Something I could use help with initially are deciding which email marketing platform to use eg MailChimp. Am I choosing the right platform? Apparently ShopSync is the 3rd party app to link Shopify and MailChimp since they formally parted ways.Thanks,Barry

Question submitted 12/05/20 @ 04:00pm
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    Hi Barry, you can’t go wrong with Mailchimp for bulk emails. Works well. What is important is you think through whether you need something for just sending emails to people – a newsletter or update for instance – or whether you need something for marketing automation and targeting based on what the user or target is doing with you. That might lead you – as a small business – to something like Braze or Klaviyo. These will give you more flexibility as to what you message and how (SMS, email etc).

    You should also think through where your customer data is going to live. Some will live in Shopify, some in Mailchimp, then some in whatever you are using for your CRM. So make sure you are clear on where the actual data is going to be and move it in and out from there. Otherwise, you will be managing data all over the place.


    Hi Barry

    Great suggestions from Andy. Agree, it’s going to come down to if you’re just sending simple marketing emails or wanting full marketing automation.

    Another consideration if you’re looking for easy/affordable, is that Shopify does now have a native email marketing platform. It’s not as robust as Klavio or Mailchimp, but would serve basic email marketing requirements. Also fully integrated into Shopify’s dashboard.




    Hi hi,

    Andy, thanks for the Braze and Klaviyo suggestions, I’m definitely wanting to do more in the way of targeting and analysis so looking into them both.

    Digging a bit deeper on CRM too, the platforms have developed a lot it seems. If there’s any that stand out for a small business that wants to scale I’d be happy to hear about them.

    Appreciate the suggestion too Andrew, if I were going the basic route then Shopify’s own email looks like a solid option.


    Kia Ora Barry. Some great advice on some email platforms. In terms of CRM, you can consider Zoho or Hubspot. Zoho has a low price entry point if you don’t need a lot of heavy lifting. Hubspot can get costly, but a really good platform with a lot of functionality.

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