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Hi there,I am a few weeks away from launching a business which will assess, place and train young people into sales, business and customer roles (front-end) – think an apprenticeship into business rather than the trades.  It aims to solve the problem of finding good sales people and attracting grads and non-grads into this profession (many people ‘fall’ into this area).  They will undergo assessment to ensure they have raw capabilities and once placed into a company (mostly aimed at tech sector and some other purpose led companies) they will take part in a 12m training program to get them up to speed quicker (mix of online modules and fortnightly facilitated zoom calls).  Given the government’s focus on getting young people into work, I am trying to see if there would be support for this kind of venture but keep reaching dead ends.  Funding is not essential but would mean we get going quicker and could help more young people and NZ businesses.  If anyone has any ideas on how to approach this or relevant connections that could help?  Thanks very much for giving it some thought.

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  • Hi there – my first thought was MSD and then potentially MBIE. I have got someone in MSD having a look and I have also asked the MBIE team in small business for some guidance.

    Are you looking for ‘funding’ to supporting the infrastructure and/or support the apprentices?

    A random thought is that Callaghan Innovation place a lot of graduates, post-docs for R&D – so maybe this is the ‘business analogue’ of that – it might be a better fit with an MBIE type area? But I am not surprised you are having a fit challenge.

    Who administers the ‘trades’ and ‘apprenticeships’ areas inside Government? Andy


    Hi Andy,

    Thanks very much for that – at this stage, as you suggest, funding would be to help with: –

    – ‘infrastructure / marketing’ costs to get the business going more quickly
    – to help fund some of the training we’ll give to apprentices when they are in their roles

    I have tried people at Callaghan and Ateed but to no avail so far (they’re not keen to to help those who are ‘pre-revenue’). I’ll try the MSD next!

    I know I’m dealing with some large government entities here so appreciate it will take time however any other suggestions/contacts gratefully received!

    Thanks very much

    Another suggestion was TEC and / or https://www.careers.govt.nz/ -A

    Scotty I heard today the announcement of an extension to the apprentice regime. Maybe the approach could be to argue about the definition of what is an apprentice? Happy to help with some contacts?

    Another thought, what if you ‘proposed’ a pilot or trial to explore how this model of apprenticeship could be viewed / tested – you might get support from MSD to do this with the focus on youth?

    Yes, great thoughts thanks Andy – do you have any contacts at MSD I could follow up with? Thanks – really appreciate it

    Scotty, I am hoping they are watching this, I have sent them a few emails!

    Legend – thanks so much!

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